Monday, June 1, 2009


lisbon is amazing. we took a very long, uncomfortable night train on thursday and arrived in the city around 8 friday morning. after finding breakfast and getting used to portuguese we managed to find the most incredible hostal for 16 euro a night.

we walked around the city, which happens to be one of the more hilly places i´ve ever been to. similar to San Francisco. our friend Elise has a friend studying abroad in lisbon, and he was able to show us around and take us to see a very old fortress/castle and a cathedral. both of these attractions were situated on a hill overlooking the entire city. absolutely stunning.

on saturday we went to the beach. it was about 4o minutes outside of the city by train. the view was breathtaking and the people were all very carefree! we had excellent portuguese cuisine and sangria (my favorite part). also, some hippies were playing music which was fun...

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